Review of exchange and step by step work instruction

You have heard about the Prism coin, but have not yet understood all its advantages?

My review of the "PRIZM BIT" platform will help you to learn more and start making profit.

Prizmbit exchange allows you to receive passive income up to 28% per month and up to 122% in 100 days (!)by mining  Prizm coins with automatic reinvestment of the funds into Your account once a day.


Two-factor authentication wallets and seucred servers

Operational technical support.

From 09: 00 to 22: 00 (Central European Time)

IOS and Android apps:

          With timely updates and improvements

Convenient and fast Deposit / withdrawal with min commissions: Bank cards, AdvCash, Cryptocurrencies.

The coin is presented on the world's leading financial indicators: Coinmarketcap and

 How much can you earn

I will share with you my personal experience of investing in Prizm(PZM COIN). In June 2019, I first bought coins first for 15,000 rubles, and then i invested another 20,000 rubles. the rate, at that time, was about 11 rubles per coin. A month later, due to the growth of the exchange rate, the amount of my investments already exceeded the initial investment. Just do not forget to take into account that the platform is growing due to changes in the exchange rate and plus daily Paramainig of coins with auto-Investment. In the same month, I increased the amount of investment by another 30,000 rubles. At the same time, there were also some withdraws from the platform, because I decided to close the mortgage with the help of Prisms. As a result, today, the amount of my investments by now is 330.000 rubles. If you turn to the same Coinmarketcap, the coin since November last year has grown 11 times. And this is not the limit at all. Prism is gaining strong popularity in Asia, and accordingly the rate will continue to grow.

Below for clarity, I attached you a video of my earnings for 1 week video is in Russian however you can watch with subtitles and i will record an English version soon

Start of work


To register for 

Create an account using your personal email, which only You have access to and actively use it. All notifications and transaction confirmations will be sent to this email.

A link will be sent to your e-mail specified during registration to confirm your account registration. Click on it to follow the link.

At the bottom of the page you can change the language to your preferred (Russian/English).

After registration, you can immediately Deposit PZM to your wallet in the system. To top up your PCM balance, go to in the wallet column, select Recieve Prizm.

In the window that opens, you will see the address of your wallet on and its public key, which you will provide to other users to transfer funds to Your wallet, as well as a QR-code containing the address of Your wallet.

Deposit of funds and begining of work

The deposit of Fiat into the exchange manually

To enter Fiat into the wallet of your Prizmbit account from Your Bank card, you need to request the details for the transfer from the technical support in the "Help" section, or in Telegram @prizmbitsupport

After learning the details on the exchange, go to the "Wallets" section, click " Get " in the wallet of the currency you want to Deposit.

In the window that opens, select the payment method and fill in the data: the Deposit amount, the card number from which the transfer will be made.

Confirm the transaction, transfer funds to the details that you learned from the support agent.

Expect funds to be credited to your account balance.

Enter using a bot

    You need to go to the telegram bot @PrizmbitDepositBot and follow the instructions.

Deposit with Advcash

Personally, I use the Adcash. Very convenient way and probably the fastest, as the exchange is connected to the system directly and the transfer is just taking seconds

Deposit with other Crypto

You also can deposit Bitcoin or other crypto into the exchange and buy PZM coins this way

Press here to increase iamage

How to buy coins

To activate the process of premining (increase coins) after you have made a deposit you need to buy coins.

Once you have got USD or other currency you need to make a purchase of coins on the exchange, in order to start the process of paramining .

Go to the section exchange and choose the currency that brought in my case the USD-PRIZM

The purchase will take place at the market price so I choose this item, then choose the amount you can specify in a % ratio of the available amount.

Click the buy button. So you became the owner of the prizm coins, every day at 3.00 will be charged a percentage of paramainig depending on your balance.

Press here to increase iamage


How does it work - pzm is next generation pos mining coin wich is curently trading on 6 exchanges. Such as  Hotbit,Livecoin, Huobi (soon) but the only exchange that shares coin paramaining with it`s users is Prizmbit.
Charges are made to the current balance once a day, at 3 am Moscow time.
Mining is awarded only on PRIZM coins!
What is the percentage of steam mining?
The percentage of steam mining depends on the balance on your wallet:
When the balance is less than 5000 coins-0.7%
When the balance is more than 5000 but less than 10000-0.75%
When the balance is more than 10000 coins-0.8%
The table below shows what percentage of income you can get, depending on the balance on Your wallet, this is not some kind of hype this is exhcange and you can withdraw your dunds any time

Balance31 day61 days100 days 
up to 5,000 PZM
up to 10,000 PZM >26%>58%>111%
over 10,000 PZM >28%>62%>122%

I personaly belive that my review will help you to understand that it is one of the best projects this year and will help you to make X numbers this year.